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Hearty Iowa Breakfast, Instant Pot Style

I think we’re all trying to figure out ways to make meal times easier - at our house, meal prep is a MUST, especially for weekday breakfasts. We wake up super early to go workout before our workday starts, so cooking in the morning just doesn’t happen Monday through Friday. We often make egg bites in the Instant Pot, and absolutely love how convenient they are (plus they are SO easy to customize to your families’ tastes). This Sunday though I thought I’d break out the divided baskets from Kindsay and create something new.

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Instant Pot BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Hello, Instant Pot friends! Something that really surprised me about this cool kitchen appliance was how great it does BBQ-style meals. To get really good, fall off the bone, lick your fingers clean ribs, you probably think you need to either slave away over a hot stove, slow-cooking the ribs to perfection OR spend hours tending to a smoker while the meat carefully cooks.

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