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National Sweet Corn Day

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Where I live in the Midwest, three things reign supreme – green and yellow tractors, the hard-working farmers, and sweet corn that can make your toes curl it’s so sweet. When it’s sweet corn season, we enjoy it several times a week because that time comes around for just a few weeks every year. Today is National Sweet Corn Day and I’d like to share a unique way to season your cobs… Read More »National Sweet Corn Day

Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork

Looking for amazing and healthy recipes that you can cook for the family? Need a wildcard recipe to place in your rotation of family meals? Or perhaps you would like to serve an unbelievable dish for an outdoor party? In the spirit of summer, you can find some delicious and tangy BBQ recipes that not only save time but save money as well. For the month of July, we will… Read More »Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork

Merlot-Braised Beef Brisket

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“I like cooking with wine. Sometimes I add it to the food too.” Enjoying a glass of wine while preparing a meal, and then adding some to the recipe is a great way to not only enjoy cooking (because who doesn’t enjoy a good glass of wine?!) but also add depth of flavor to a recipe. With this brisket, merlot add some fantastic hints of dry wine without overpowering the… Read More »Merlot-Braised Beef Brisket

Instant Pot BBQ Baby Back Ribs

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Hello, Instant Pot friends! Something that really surprised me about this cool kitchen appliance was how great it does BBQ-style meals. To get really good, fall off the bone, lick your fingers clean ribs, you probably think you need to either slave away over a hot stove, slow-cooking the ribs to perfection OR spend hours tending to a smoker while the meat carefully cooks. I am married to a true grillmaster… Read More »Instant Pot BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Tequila Lime Instant Pot Chicken

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I love Cozumel, Mexico. I adore the sealife, the coral reefs, the beautiful blue colors of the ocean, the people, the food and of course, the TEQUILA! I’m not a huge fan of sipping high quality tequila like my hubby, but I do enjoy a good margarita. And what better day than today, July 24, National Tequila Day, to celebrate with an Instant Pot chicken dish flavored with tequila and lime juice. My… Read More »Tequila Lime Instant Pot Chicken

Instant Pot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

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Did you know that adding fruit like pineapple to a meat recipe does more than add a sweet flavor to the meal? Fruit’s acidic nature actually helps tenderize the meat even further. By combining pineapple with chicken in this Hawaiian-style Instant Pot recipe, you’ll get super tender, super delicious results.  I’m not a huge fan of fruit with meat, but even this recipe, with the sweet and spicy combination made… Read More »Instant Pot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Blueberry Instant Pot Cheesecake (Lightened Up!)

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July is National Blueberry Day and today (July 30) is National Cheesecake Day so I thought, hey, let’s surprise the hubby with his favorite dessert. I’m not a cheesecake fan but he loves nothing better than a rich slice of New York-style cheesecake. Add some fresh blueberries and he’s in heaven.   I remember picking blueberries when I was growing up – my family would go and pick for hours. My mom… Read More »Blueberry Instant Pot Cheesecake (Lightened Up!)

Instant Pot Dog Treats

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I admit it, I’m a crazy dog mom. I adore my pups so, so much. Aren’t they the cutest? Lila, our coonhound we rescued as a puppy, is almost four and the prettiest megaphone you’ll ever hear. She’s a LOUD howler but we still love her to pieces. Talon, a lab mutt mix, just turned one and we call him our ‘cartoon dog’ – everything you imagine a goofy cartoon pup doing,… Read More »Instant Pot Dog Treats

Easy Back To School Instant Pot Egg Bites

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Back to school season – the time of year most kids dread and parents celebrate (for the most part).  Back to school season – school supply shopping, new clothes for the first day, and deciding whether to eat cafeteria lunch or pack a lunch. Back to school season – that time where parents have to get their act in gear to figure out fast, filling and nutritious breakfasts for their kiddos… Read More »Easy Back To School Instant Pot Egg Bites

Happy National Potato Day!

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Potatoes…the options are endless when it comes to adding the common spud to your dinner menu. Potatoes…one of the few foods that can easily make an appearance at any meal or snack. Potatoes… plentiful vegetable that often gets a bad rap when it comes to health. We’d like to celebrate National Potato Day with a little information on why potatoes serve as such a staple in our diets, the best… Read More »Happy National Potato Day!