Happy Labor Day

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Labor Day – why celebrate the work we do?

While typically we think of Labor Day as a BBQ and picnic holiday, and as one of the last days holidays before the school year really gets into gear, the history behind Labor Day shines a rather somber light onto the history of work in our country. The first Labor Day occurred when a group of industrial workers marched for better employee rights, shorter (and more manageable) work shifts, and better accommodations for the American laborer. It marked the start of the protection of rights for the working public.

On a lighter note, though, it’s become a great day to relax with family, BBQ some delicious food, and enjoy one of the last days of summer.

What better time to put your Instant Pot to work (instead of you)?!

We’ve included a collection of quick links to help you plan a great, easy menu for your Labor Day holiday.

Corn on the cob can still be found, although we’re nearing the end of the season. Steam the corn quickly and use our signature recipe to flavor it with Parmesan cheese and chili pepper.

Enjoy some Instant Pot BBQ for an easy, delicious lunch.

Finish it off with our signature applesauce cake recipe (and if you have apples ready, you could even make your own applesauce in the Instant Pot with this recipe).