How to get the Most out of Your Instant Pot

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Have you heard about Instant Pot? Chance are you have, as it seems to be all the craze lately. There is good reason for its quick rise in popularity: it is a fantastic time-saving kitchen hero! If you are ready to jump on the bandwagon, or if you are already familiar with Instant Pot, here are some great tips and tricks for you to get the most out of this awesome product.

Yes, There are a LOT of Buttons

But don’t get overwhelmed. As soon as you open your Instant Pot box, you will notice that this helpful kitchen tool is loaded with buttons. There is one you can press for just about every function the Instant Pot does. Every recipe you’ll follow will give you step by step instructions on which settings to use to get the best results. The buttons you’ll use most often are “Pressure Cook” (“Manual” on older models), “Adjust”, “Saute” and “Keep Warm/Cancel”. And remember, if you ever make a mistake in setting your Instant Pot, just hit ‘Cancel’ and start again!

Know the Difference Between Quick Release and Natural Pressure Release

The two most common ways to release the pressure in the Instant Pot is the Quick Release (QR) and Natural Pressure Release (NPR) methods. It is important to know the difference between the two. As its name suggests, Quick Release relieves the built-up pressure quickly. It is best to use this function to prevent overcooking. Don’t be afraid of QR – just protect your hand with an oven mitt or thick kitchen towel as sometimes the vent will spit a bit of hot water when using QR. The Natural Pressure Release method lets the pressure leave the vessel gradually. It is best to use this method when cooking foamy food, food with a large liquid volume or high-starch foods. Tougher cuts of meat may also benefit from using NPR.

Use Your Instant Pot as a Steamer

Although using the “Steam” function on your Instant Pot will not save you much time as compared to other steaming methods, it will free up a burner on your stovetop. Most home chefs will agree that having an extra burner available will save time, effort and stress. When you steam vegetables with the Instant Pot, you can be assured you are providing a healthy side dish for your family. Plus, steam helps retain the majority of the nutrients in your veggies.

Shorten Your Cooking Time

If you always seem to be working against time, then you need to make Instant Pot your new best friend. It can shorten long cook times significantly. Forget to pull meat out of the freezer? The Instant Pot can cook completely frozen meats to perfection. Planned to grill but the weather isn’t cooperating? Use the Instant Pot to quickly cook your meal indoors. It is the perfect option for cooking a healthy breakfast before catching an early train or creating a culinary feast for dinner after a long day at work.

Use the Pot-in-Pot Method

The Instant Pot allows you to use the pot-in-pot method to cook two dishes at the same time. This allows you to cook meat on the bottom of your instant pot for a savory entree while simultaneously cooking a side dish of vegetables or rice directly on top of it. So, you have yet another time and space-saving method of dinner preparation. And who doesn’t like fewer dishes to wash?!

If you have questions about Instant Pot and how it can help you deliver healthy meals to your family in the blink of an eye then contact us today!