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Instant Pot Chicken Curry with Get Fit Roti

Touring the Taj Mahal in India, seeing the beautiful semi-precious gem inlay in practically every flat surface of stone, humbly observing the thousands of individuals who had come to pray and pay respect, easily was my favorite part of traveling to India. A close runner-up? The food, oh my goodness, the food. All the curries, vindaloo and the naan and roti breads. Heaven! I miss those foods. Thankfully, I have… Read More »Instant Pot Chicken Curry with Get Fit Roti

Cheesy Riced Cauliflower

We’ve heard all about how cauliflower can substitute for mashed potatoes, pizza crust, rice, etc. While I don’t see how cauliflower tastes like ANY of those items, I do love cauliflower, no matter how I can get it (except raw – not a fan).  Before getting my Instant Pot, I typically boiled water and steamed a head of cauliflower on the stove. Now, getting this side dish ready is a breeze and so much… Read More »Cheesy Riced Cauliflower

Vegetarian Quinoa, Cauliflower and Apple Dinner

Our household is far from vegetarian or vegan – we are big meat eaters! However, that doesn’t mean that eating a diet focused more on plants isn’t something I concentrate on. While I don’t routinely participate in ‘meatless Mondays’ I do try to incorporate vegetarian forms of protein occasionally. This recipe makes use of the Instant Pot to make an easy weeknight meal, complete with a grain, a vegan protein (tempeh), vegetables and… Read More »Vegetarian Quinoa, Cauliflower and Apple Dinner

Instant Pot BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Hello, Instant Pot friends! Something that really surprised me about this cool kitchen appliance was how great it does BBQ-style meals. To get really good, fall off the bone, lick your fingers clean ribs, you probably think you need to either slave away over a hot stove, slow-cooking the ribs to perfection OR spend hours tending to a smoker while the meat carefully cooks. I am married to a true grillmaster… Read More »Instant Pot BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Tequila Lime Instant Pot Chicken

I love Cozumel, Mexico. I adore the sealife, the coral reefs, the beautiful blue colors of the ocean, the people, the food and of course, the TEQUILA! I’m not a huge fan of sipping high quality tequila like my hubby, but I do enjoy a good margarita. And what better day than today, July 24, National Tequila Day, to celebrate with an Instant Pot chicken dish flavored with tequila and lime juice. My… Read More »Tequila Lime Instant Pot Chicken

Blueberry Instant Pot Cheesecake (Lightened Up!)

July is National Blueberry Day and today (July 30) is National Cheesecake Day so I thought, hey, let’s surprise the hubby with his favorite dessert. I’m not a cheesecake fan but he loves nothing better than a rich slice of New York-style cheesecake. Add some fresh blueberries and he’s in heaven.   I remember picking blueberries when I was growing up – my family would go and pick for hours. My mom… Read More »Blueberry Instant Pot Cheesecake (Lightened Up!)

Deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie

My family enjoys a variety of meals, but a hearty dish like this is always a favorite on a fall day. As I write this, the leaves are starting to fall to the ground, the air has a crisp chill in it, and we start using the Instant Pot even more than normal.  I can read your mind though…what’s the difference between this recipe and a beef stew in the crockpot? You could… Read More »Deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie