Oktoberfest Beer Cheese Soup and Beer Bread

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Raise your glass if you love beer! Oktoberfest – the season when beer-lovers everywhere can drink beer with abandon and blame it on a German tradition they know nothing about. 🙂 No judgement – I’m one of those people! I’m not a huge beer drinker – I’m not a fan of most beers. I do love a good stout, and on a really hot day occasionally a lemon shandy or… Read More »Oktoberfest Beer Cheese Soup and Beer Bread

National Sweet Corn Day

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Where I live in the Midwest, three things reign supreme – green and yellow tractors, the hard-working farmers, and sweet corn that can make your toes curl it’s so sweet. When it’s sweet corn season, we enjoy it several times a week because that time comes around for just a few weeks every year. Today is National Sweet Corn Day and I’d like to share a unique way to season your cobs… Read More »National Sweet Corn Day

Merlot-Braised Beef Brisket

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“I like cooking with wine. Sometimes I add it to the food too.” Enjoying a glass of wine while preparing a meal, and then adding some to the recipe is a great way to not only enjoy cooking (because who doesn’t enjoy a good glass of wine?!) but also add depth of flavor to a recipe. With this brisket, merlot add some fantastic hints of dry wine without overpowering the… Read More »Merlot-Braised Beef Brisket